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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Who remembers true Hip Hop

Hip Hop used to be about "keeping it real", not selling out.
These days it all sounds the same, artists don't care about the culture, only about getting on radio and TV, making that money. The focus has turned away from the music.
I can remember growing up listening to Hip Hop/Rap music from the  early days. It was about having fun, and your skill on the mic. Not about how many times you've been to prison, how many bullet holes you have in your body, or how quick you can get rich. It makes me sad to see some The true school was about the culture, positive images, breakbeats, scratching, mic skills, & telling stories from the streets.
It makes me sad to see the true school artists getting disrespected, forgotten, and treated like garbage, even though they were the ones that made it all possible for todays "artists". Old rock groups are treated like gods, but not true school artists.
Todays mainstream "hip hop" is garbage & we allowed it to be stolen from us. Now Hip Hop is considered to be people like Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga. Beyonce being called a great Hip Hop dancer. What the hell is a Hip Hop dancer? Do they mean B-Boy, B-Girl? I'm still waiting to see Beyonce do the windmill in high heels & a skirt. Ice Cube said it best back in '91, "Pretty soon Hip Hop won't be so nice, no Ice Cube, just Vanilla Ice, and y'all sit & scream & cuss, but there's no one to blame but us". And that's exactly where we are today. So if you feel the same way lets bring it back to what it should be. Hip Hop Culture - The 4 Elements..............

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